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Alliance (SIBA) division 

 (8u/Pinto thru 14u/Pony)

Menifee Pony’s Alliance Division is part of the SIBA (Southwest Interleague Baseball Alliance) league and is intended to provide a higher level of competition within our program while retaining the same level of sportsmanship expected in youth sports.  This division allows for pre-formed teams to join the league and coexist with “recreational”  (rec) division teams.

Pre-formed 8u thru 14u teams with a MENIFEE RESIDENCY OF 75% or more will have first chance to register.  Pre-formed teams with 66% (2/3) residency or more may be considered (additional requirements may apply). 

Every team in the Alliance division will be expected to adhere to all Menifee Pony policies and codes of conduct. Teams will also be expected to fulfill any field prep obligations.

In order to protect the integrity of the rec teams, any manager, coach, parent, or player who is found soliciting a rec player after that player has registered and after our first league evaluations for that season, may be suspended for a minimum of 12 months.

No Menifee Pony player may play in both the Alliance and the rec divisions within the same Spring or Fall season. The rec season is deemed to begin at the point of the leagues first scheduled player assessments and conclude at the end of the spring all-star season. Any player registered for the rec program becomes ineligible for the Alliance Division as of the date of that seasons first Player Assessments.  

Registration fees for teams in the Menifee PONY Alliance division will be “per team” and based on a 12 to 15 player roster. Registration fees are based on the option selected on the team registration form (at bottom of this page), and all options include regular season games and a postseason tournament, and in the spring season a chance to represent Menifee PONY in the All-Stars. Registration fees for the Alliance division do not include uniforms, teams will provide their own.  

There are no individual player fees in Alliance but each player is required to be registered by their parent/guardian once their teams registration has been approved and paid.  This individual player registration is necessary for league liability and insurance reasons and no player can play on any MPB team without a completed registration in our system for the current season.  

The Alliance season will begin and end on approximately the same dates as the rec season. Teams in good standing (all players/team must adhere to all Menifee Pony policies, including financial requirements) will be scheduled one game per week (on average). Teams will be scheduled 11 games and guaranteed 10 games each, plus a post-season tournament to conclude the season.  

There will be one All-star team in each Alliance division based on age. (ie: one 9U team, one 10U team, etc.). This will be offered to the top Menifee Pony team from the end-of-season tournament (team must be in good standing - all players/team must adhere to all Menifee Pony policies, including financial requirements). Residency requirements for Pony Baseball All-Stars are only that a player must reside in Riverside Country to be eligible.  The team must still be within the requirements of Menifee Pony and Pony Baseball/Softball rules. Depending upon division size, additional teams may be invited to participate.

In an effort to keep regular season registration fees lower for each Alliance team, all-star teams must pay their own entry fees (approximately $300-$350). All-star teams will also pay for their own uniforms and Menifee Pony may require any or all parts of those uniforms to match the Menifee Pony rec All-Star team uniforms. 

Once the manager and each player agrees to represent the league, he must complete the all-star season until eliminated. The penalty for failure to comply will be one-year suspension from the league.

Menifee Pony Alliance teams are part of the Southwest Interleague Baseball Division (SIBA) and will play by the SIBA Local Rules.

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