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The teams Manager (aka 'Head Coach') is in charge of the team, selects and is the head of the coaching staff (including Team Parent, Scorekeepers, etc.) and ultimately responsible for practices, games, and decisions made regarding positioning, playing time, etc.

Managing a youth baseball team can be fun and rewarding for those that choose to get involved at this level. MPB will provide resources to assist those that choose to take on the responsibility of managing a youth baseball team in our program.

Menifee Pony requires all managers to meet all VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS (HERE) and towards getting their Menifee Pony Approved Volunteer ID Badge.  These ID Badges are required to be worn by all volunteers working on the field or in the dugout with the players.  

Managers will be selected as early as three weeks before that seasons first Player Assessment date.  It's possible not all positions are filled by that time so you are still encouraged to volunteer (from your Account page) even if Player Assessments have already started.  Contact your Division Director for more information.  

Menifee Pony offers an incentive program to encourage coaches to volunteer to manage a team.  Through this program, a manager can be refunded up to the full amount of his/her child's registration fees for that season, or up to $200 (whichever lower, and this does not include fundraising and other "extra" costs).  Managers must read and follow all information on our Manager Rebate Program, including completing the Rebate Request Form within 30 days of the end of that season. 

Manager Rebate Program
Volunteer ID Badge Application
Dugout Captain (free coaching instruction and tips)
GameChanger Scoring App