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When Does Registration Open Up Again?
Spring Season Registration opens up on November 1.  Fall Season Registration opens up on our Spring Season Closing Day (check our season calendar pages).  Sometimes situations may delay those open-registration dates by a few days.
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Is Registration Still Open?
Go to our Registrations Page here to see what divisions are still open.  If all divisions are closed, the page will not show.
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What are the divisions in PONY Baseball?
Most PONY divisions consist of two year age groups, starting with Filly baseball at the (league-age) 4-6 year old age group all the way through to Colt/Palomino baseball at the 15-19 year old age group.  See the Menifee Pony Divisions page for more details.
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What is 'League Age'?  
Which Division will my child play in?

In our SPRING SEASONS, the league-age is what their age will be on April 30 of that current year.  Pony International is strict in the spring season about players playing only in the division their league-age allows.  There are a few exceptions, but these are not common.  If you have a question about this please email to  In our FALL SEASONS the league-age is what their age will be on April 30 of the following year.  This is common practice in Pony Baseball leagues, with the idea that the fall season is more geared towards preparing the players for what is usually considered the more competitive spring season that will follow.  Keep in mind that other kids at the same age as your child will be in that higher division, and if they play down they will be up to a year older than any other kid in the division.  Parents are always encouraged to keep the player at the intended division but Menifee Pony recognizes that certain circumstances may still lead a parent to believe one more season in the lower division would be in the best interest of the player.  If you want more information about this, or you want to make an official request please visit  THIS PAGE.  Visit our  Divisions page for more info on each division. 
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Can my child play UP one level/division?
If your child is within one league-age year of being in the next division higher, it is possible for him/her to move up one level.  If you want more information about this, you can find it HERE.  If you want to make an official request then you must read and complete THIS FORM.   Once you've read the information on that form, if you have further questions please email to  IMPORTANT: Pony rules do not allow a player "playing up" to be all-star eligibile for the age-level of his actual age, only the level they played in. Players "playing down" are not eligible for all-stars at any level.     
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Can my child play DOWN one level/division?
As a general practice playing in a younger division in the spring season will not be allowed.  However, under special circumstances the Executive Board may approve playing down to a younger division. This would typically only be allowed for safety reasons or to accommodate a player that does not have a division to play in.  Playing in a younger division in the fall season is sometimes allowed.  If you want more information about this, you can find it HERE.  If you want to make an official request then you must read and complete THIS FORM.   Once you've read the information on that form, if you have further questions please email to  IMPORTANT: Pony rules do not allow a player "playing up" to be all-star eligibile for the age-level of his actual age, only the level they played in. Players "playing down" are not eligible for all-stars at any level    Any player who wishes to move down to a younger division can only be one year older than the division they want to play in. 
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How do I request a refund?

When does the season start? 
When does the season end? 

Spring Season: Mandatory Player Assessments (for Shetland & Up) are the 1st or 2nd Saturday of January.  Teams are formed and practices will begin in the last week of January.  Games start about the 3rd Saturday of February.  Closing Day is the Saturday before Memorial Day Weekend, so sometime in late May.
Fall Season: Mandatory Player Assessments (for Mustang & Up) are mid-August.  Teams are formed and practices begin in the last week of August.  Games start on the Saturday after Labor Day, and the final playoff games are usually the Thursday before Thanksgiving.  
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Where is my child on the waiting list?
We only have a couple of board members handling all of the registrations and related info, and with our league now being over 800 players it's just too time consuming to look up waiting list positions for each child of each parent who asks us (it's a very common question).  The position really does not matter a whole lot anyway.  We keep our waiting lists small because once they get to about 7 or 8 we go ahead and add another team to the division and activate all on that waiting list.  If your child is on the waiting list and teams have not yet been formed, there is still a good chance of him/her being added to a team.  After teams have been formed, it's still possible but not nearly as likely. 
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When will the Player Assessments schedule be posted?
Why hasn't the Player Assessments schedule been posted yet?
We attempt to streamline the assessments process as much as possible. Part of that includes accurately estimating how many groups we need for each divisions assessments, and how large those groups will be. MANY people wait until the last minute to register their children so we get a much faster and erratic rate of registration during the last week, and especially the last few days. Other variables factor into it also, like field availability, which sometimes isn't completely finalized till very close to assessments day. Additionally, as new coaches sign up in the last week or so, we make an effort to schedule the assessments so volunteer coaches of multiple teams, and board member volunteers who are also running assessments and assessing for teams they will also coach, can cover both groups over the full day.  It is a complicated process and we appreciate your patience.   
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Are Player Assessments really required?
Yes, we form our teams by a process of Player Assessments, where coaches can evaluate each players skills,and then a draft. It's important to the league to create a competitive balance as much as possible, which adds to the fun and excitement of all involved, which in turn helps in player development.  
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What does my child need to bring for Player Assessments?
Each player should have a glove, bat, helmet and cleats. We may have a league helmet or bat to borrow, but not any gloves.  These things you will really need for the season anyway, as equipment sharing isn't something that's encouraged these days.  For assessments they can do without the cleats since they do very little running, but you will need them for the season.  An athletic cup is also recommended, and is also required for playing the catcher position.   
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How are teams formed?
Can I request a certain coach for my child?
We form teams in most of our divisions by having a Player Assessments, where coaches can evaluate each players skills, and then a draft, where the managers take turns selecting their players.  This is important so we can create a competitive balance as much as possible.  The Filly (t-ball) division teams are formed by player requests for teammates and coaches.  We are usually able to grant every request in the Filly division.  In the spring season, teams in all divisions higher than Filly are formed by those assessments and draft.  In the fall season, Mustang & above are formed by assessments and draft.  Player requests are considered in the draft process, especially at the younger levels, but they are not guaranteed  

WHEN are teams formed?
When will our coach contact us? 
Teams are usually formed 4 to 7 days after our Player Assessments are over.  This timeline also includes divisions that don't have Player Assessments.  Managers are given their rosters 2-3 days after teams are formed, so it takes anywhere from one to two weeks (usually about 7-10 days) from Assessments before parents are notified by the manager what team they are on, and when practices start.  If you still haven't heard from a coach after this much time has passed, please use our contacts page to find the Division Director of the division you signed your child up to play in.  

When are games and practices?
Most games for most levels are played on Saturdays, but they can be played on any weeknight during the week, especially in the older divisions.  Filly thru Pinto Kid-Pitch levels usually play all games on Saturdays.  As the levels increase there are more games during the season so more must be played on weekdays.  Practices may be on any weekday and is usually based on the needs of the coach and the field availability to the league.  The Filly division will typically be just one 1-hour practices and one 1-hour game per week.  As the ages increase, the frequency and duration of practices gradually increase.  Since Menifee Pony, like most youth leagues, relies on volunteer coaches, we need to allow these coaches to set their own practice schedule, within certain guidelines and reasonable time-ranges.   Remember that these are just guidelines to practice schedules, ultimately the time, location and frequency (within reason) are at the managers discretion.  
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Where are games and practices?
Visit our Fields page to see where all of our games and most of our practices will take place.  Games take place at Wheatfield Park, Lago Vista Park, Centennial Park and Canyon Hills Park.  Practices generally take place at these locations as well, but some coaches will use a field not listed, or even a smaller park with a large grassy area, especially for the younger players.  Since Menifee Pony, like most youth leagues, relies on volunteer coaches, we need to allow these coaches to set their own practice schedule.   Remember that these are just guidelines to practice schedules, ultimately the time, location and frequency (within reason) are at the managers discretion.  
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When will the game schedule be posted?  
The game schedule takes coordination with several different entities, including other leagues and our cities two different park departments.  This causes our schedule not to be completed any sooner than one or two weeks, usually one, before our first games.  
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Do Menifee Pony teams travel to other cities to play?  
Occasionally we will schedule a minimal amount of games with our immediate-neighbor Pony leagues to help them build up their divisions, but this typically doesn't amount to more than 1-2 games played out of town, and very rarely with the younger kids.  Filly thru Bronco may travel to Canyon Hills Park to play the EVB teams.  Pony Division teams play EVB and also French Valley.  Colt division usually plays away games at Harveston Park in Temecula, and Los Alamos Park in Murrieta.   
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When are announcments made to cancel games or practices due to bad weather?
Why don't you cancel games or practices sooner?
When Valley Wide or the City Parks Dept closes their fields, we notify managers and post to our facebook page within minutes. Both entities often don't notify us of closures until around 3:00pm, unless it's very clear to them earlier in the day. If they don't notify us, we go with 'OPEN' or we try to reach them ourselves if we feel unsure. The league does not cancel practices itself, but we do sometimes cancel games. We do not cancel unless we're very sure it's necessary, as field time is too valuable of a commodity in Menifee. Until then, coaches can always choose to cancel practices (but not games) on their own, this is always their choice. Likewise, it is obviously also always the parents choice whether they want to bring their child or not. The MPB policy is always that fields are open until we announce they are closed. Any time games are in doubt due to weather, the MPB President and Scheduler stay in close and frequent contact until games are completed for that day, or the decision was made to cancel. We do not have time to respond to dozens of inquiries, and we are very quick to announce when fields are closed for us.   
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What does the league do in cases of high temperatures or poor air quality?  
Menifee Pony has a Heat Index page as well as an Air Quality Index page that explain what we do in those situations.  Please refer to those pages to answer questions you may have on those subjects.  
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Do canceled games get rescheduled?
When games are canceled due to weather or some other condition that causes cancelation of many games at the same time, we generally do not reschedule them the first time this happens, sometimes not the second time either.  MPB sets it's budget and it's registration fees based on actual costs, meaning we do not set them to add to the leagues financial reserves each season.  We assume at least one game per team will be lost due to weather each season, as is almost always the case, and we set prices based on that.  Rescheduling an entire Saturday's worth of games can be a very complicated and inconvenient process that we'd rather avoid if possible.  For weekday games, we usually do get them rescheduled, but not always.  If too many games do get canceled, we will make some sort of adjustments, whether that's a partial refund, or a credit towards a future season, or we do manage to get them rescheduled.  Whatever the case may be, the amount of games played is not guaranteed, and the final decision is to be made by the MPB Board of Directors.  
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What equipment does my child need?
Players need a glove and cleats, and boys should have an athletic cup (for Shetland and above).  Cleats should be rubber soled until the Bronco division, at which time metal cleats are permitted (but never on portable mounds).   Each Manger will have an equipment bag with one or two batting helmets (at youngest levels), a complete set of catcher's gear, and a catcher's glove.  We recommend each player have their own bat and batting helmet since comfort and familiarity are important factors with this equipment.  When considering buying a bat, make sure to review the Pony Bat Rules in the sections below this first.  For some helmet buying assistance, check out this Batting Helmet Buying Guide.  For baseball bats, here is a good guide from Demarini to help you select the proper size.  For baseball gloves, here is some general buying info.  
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What are PONY Baseballs bat rules?
  • NO bats larger than two and five-eighth inch (2-5/8″) diameter are allowed at any level of play.
  • Two and five-eighth inch (2-5/8″) diameter bats that weigh minus 3 (-3) and have the "BBCOR Certified" stamp on them are legal, as long as they are designed for baseball use.
  • All bats, except for the -3 (BBCOR certified), must be USABat certified with the USABat licensing stamp on the bat in order to be used for league and tournament play.
  • T-ball bats are only allowed when hitting off a tee or our Shetland Blue Flame Pitching Machines, and while using a safety ball. 
  • T-ball bats must also include the following text: "Only For Use With Approved Tee Balls"
  • Coach-pitch bats are not allowed in Menifee Pony Baseball.
  • Colt and Palomino will only be allowed to use 2-5/8" -3 BBCOR certified bats.
More on the USABAT Standard can be found HERE
A full list of certified bats can be found HERE
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Are wood bats still allowed?
Yes. Solid, one piece wood bats are approved for use under USABat with or without the USA Baseball Certification Mark. Multi-piece and composite wood bats must feature the USA Baseball Certification Mark to be approved for play. Bats made of multiple pieces of wood, sawdust, or including man-made materials, are considered composite wood bats.   
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What is provided with the uniform?
Registration with MPB includes jersey, cap, belt (if necessary) and socks.  Pants are not included; they will need to be purchased separately.  Grey is the most common color pants coaches like for their teams, but you may want to wait for teams to be formed so you can ask your coach before you buy.  
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Can we request numbers for the jersey's?
Only in our Colt/Palomino or Middle School Divisions will we offer jersey number choices.  Often, but not always.  We don't have a lot of time between ordering jerseys and starting the game season, so the process has to be streamlined, and jersey numbers just isn't practical.  
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Do names come on the jerseys, or can we have them put on? 
Teams can elect to have names put on their players jerseys, but it does have to come at their own expense, and they have to get it done on their own.  

What type of league fundraiser does Menifee Pony do, and do I have to participate?  
Any mandatory league fundraiser Menifee Pony may do will be included in registration information.  We also always do a small team raffle basket fundraiser in the Spring Season and we may have additional fundraisers (non-mandatory) as well.   
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What are your leagues boundaries for player registration eligibility?  
Players may reside anywhere within Riverside County to be eligible to register with Menifee Pony.    
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What is the Alliance Division?
Menifee Pony is a founding member of the Southwest Interleague Baseball Alliance (SIBA), a joint effort of four neighboring PONY leagues (Temecula, Murrieta, French Valley and Menifee) to form in 2014 an official PONY league for travel baseball teams within our communities.  The Alliance Division is what we call our division that participates in SIBA.  The Menifee PONY Alliance teams will share our fields and facilities and still be considered a part of Menifee PONY.  By including the Alliance teams within the Menifee Pony organization we retain talented players who have often grown and developed within Menifee Pony, still may have siblings and friends in Menifee Pony, and would like to be a part of our baseball community while still getting some of the "travel ball" experience.  These teams are independently formed and operated and they join our SIBA league as a team, not on an individual basis.  These teams do not play as part of any of our regular "rec" divisions.  Please contact the Alliance Division Director if you would like to get more information or get in contact with team managers for questions or details about tryouts.
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What does the Menifee Pony Board consist of?
View our  "Menifee Pony Board of Directors" page to see our list of members, positions and contact information.  Our board is made up entirely from volunteers.
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Do Menifee Pony Board Members get paid for their position?  
Nobody within Menifee Pony gets paid.  Menifee Pony operates entirely on volunteers, from the Board Members on down to the coaches and Team Parents.  
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Can I bring payment in to the Menifee Pony office?
Can I come in to the Menifee Pony office to discuss an issue?
Can I pick up raffle tickets or other forms at the Menifee Pony office?
The Menifee Pony Board of Directors is based entirely on volunteers who perform their "jobs" out of their own homes.  There are no offices of Menifee Pony.  To have an office would add unnecessary additional expenses that would have to be passed down to each of you in the form of higher registration costs.  
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How do I know if my child is registered? Or on the Wait List?  
You can check your own registration status by logging in and going to your Account Page. The Account and Orders tab will show registration & division information, in addition to any balance due. There is no fee to be on the Waiting List, only when player is activated to the division roster. When players are activated, the account holder receives an email.
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I'm having too much trouble registering on your website, or it's simply too inconvenient and time-consuming for me, can I just register in-person?  
Menifee Pony has no offices to come down and register at.  Menifee Pony does all of it's registrations online.  If you are having trouble with our online system, try a different browser, or a different device.  If you are still having problems, contact us at  
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